What all you need to know about expansion joints?

Expansion joints are used for relieving stress on the building materials which are caused by some building movement. The movement at the expansion joints is induced by thermal expansion & contraction, wind swaying, static load deflection, and seismic events. The importance of using expansion joints in buildings is undeniable. Explore the importance of expansion joint by reading this post.


What are expansion joints?


The term expansion joint or movement joints are broadly adopted in the preference because they encompass a vital fact that the building movement leads to both expansion and contraction of installed materials. Let us tell you one example: when any structure heats up, the materials of the building expand and it causes expansion joint to close down through compression of the joint system in a gap.


Typical expansion joint compromise metal bellows (usually stainless steel) or even from materials like plastic, rubber, and plastic-like PTFE. Metals are apt for high-temperature usage, have high-strength features and are corrosion-resistant. The major element of expansion joint is below.


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What are the advantages of using expansion joints at buildings?


Have a look at the advantages of using expansion joints at buildings:


  1. Eliminates cracking of cement


Installation of expansion joints (movement joints) allows people to work with both expansion & contraction.

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  1. Help in saving your cost in the long run


The importance of using Expansion Joints in any building structure is quite evident and most certainly helps users to save costs mainly in the long run.


  1. Expansion joints maintain weather tightness


Along with the dampening movement, expansion joint can maintain weather tightness. Generally, expansion joint are water-proof.


Expansion joints for big buildings:


Every big building which people make must have solid expansion joint treatment. When there is a rise in temperature over the building materials, be it iron or concrete rods, the materials expand. This expansion exerts pressure on the particular material.


What are the different types of expansion joint?


a) Bridge expansion joint


Bridge expansion joint permit constant traffic in between the structures as well as accommodate not only movement but also shrinkage along with variation in temperature on the prestressed concrete.


b) Masonry expansion joint


Did you know that clay bricks expand because they absorb moisture and heat and this causes compression stress on mortar & bricks leading to flaking? Replacing with masonry expansion joint can absorb compressive forces.


c) Pipe expansion joint


These types of joints are essential in systems which can transfer high-temperature substances like exhaust gases.


What are the tips to install expansion joint?


Expansion joints must be placed as close as possible to control rods or fixed anchors that must be used in piping systems (un-anchored. Site selection of expansion joint is one vital key consideration.If used correctly, these joints are the best and most effective solution for managing movement, vibration & cyclic motion related to temperature changes.


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We hope you got a brief about expansion joint.Without these expansion joint, big cracks can easily travel across your building by creating expensive damage. So, all in all, the usage of expansion joint is important. Thanks for reading.

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