Washing windows with aerial platform

Seeing the world through a clean window is a basic human need. An ideal surface without streaks, dust, and dirt gives comfort to the home space and allows the household to feel complete comfort when viewing the view from the window. The rooms are quite bright during the day because natural light passes freely through them.

For the workplace, windows that are devoid of all sorts of pollution are also important. Their neatness is a guarantee that the client, visitor or buyer will have a great impression of the building, and therefore of the company or other institution located in the building. That is, the cleanliness of windows forms the image of a commercial space. Washing windows and shop windows that are high from the floor is a popular service in the cleaning industry.

City buildings located within the city are usually exposed to the intense influence of gases, dust, and various natural factors. All of them negatively affect the state of cleanliness of the glass. In addition, excessive dust prevents the passage of sunlight into the room. This is not very rational in terms of energy consumption.

It is possible to eliminate pollution only with the use of specialized tools, but sometimes they are not enough. In this case, washing windows with the use of an aerial platform is relevant. The equipment is designed to lift the cleaner to a height of up to 18 meters.

Why might you need to clean windows with an aerial platform?

If you need to wash glass located above the first floor, as well as blind windows that cannot be washed from the inside of the room, the use of an aerial platform becomes a suitable solution to the problem. Window cleaning using this technique is the right solution not only for residential buildings but also for various institutions or commercial buildings:

  • Office building.

  • Shopping center.

  • Educational institution.

  • Hospitals

  • Sport complex

  • Industrial buildings

The facades of these and many other buildings need regular washing, which makes the service of our cleaning company Handy indispensable.

Features of washing windows with the use of an aerial platform

Externally, the process of washing windows, during which an aerial platform is involved, looks easy, but this is a time-consuming undertaking. For our employees, this task is not difficult, but it is painstaking because we strive to do the job perfectly:

  1. We do not break the working rhythm of companies that are under construction or the personal space of the owners of the house.

  2. Always punctual and attentive to the wishes of customers.

  3. We approach the performance of duties carefully.

The aerial platform solves the difficulties of maintaining cleanliness that our customers have. Thanks to the service we provide, the window is cleaned by a professional, and you spend time on more important things than window cleaning.

Considering the costs required for the maintenance of lifting equipment, the price of this type of window cleaning is slightly higher than the standard one. We make sure that the work is completed in the shortest possible time, so we only rent aerial platforms that meet the declared number of stories of the building. The work of the personnel provided by this commercial cleaning service also costs more.

Benefits of a window cleaning service with an aerial platform at Handy

Window washing with the use of aerial platforms is a service that is beneficial for you in all respects:

No need to be distracted and waste time caring for double-glazed windows.

· The use of an aerial platform allows the owners of the apartment or those responsible for cleaning the commercial premises not to risk their lives trying to wash the plaque from the windows.

There is no need to rent equipment on your own, because it is included in the cost of our service.

You only need to order the service, and leave all the complex work to our professional cleaning specialists. Windows are different: too dirty, non-standard shape, located in places that are inconvenient for washing. But for our team there are no tasks that cannot be completed. We will clean windows with high quality and as quickly as possible.


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