Vlone Logo as well as its History of the Brand

Despite the Vlone logo’s simplicity and minimal, it’s easily recognized and is a brand success. The Vlone symbol is primarily an enormous success because a clothes product that is branded “Vlone” is significantly higher priced than items that isn’t.

What does The Vlone Logo Communicate?

The Vlone logo has an impressive and mysterious logo. The thing that is interesting about the logo as well as the clothing collection can be that they were an inspiration from the work of a U.S. rapper named This rapper was a fan for the Memphis hip-hop group known in the form of the Three 6 Mafia This is the main reason behind why the Vlone  is dark in design.

This is an interesting quote that comes from the American psychological thriller Donnie Darko. In the film there’s a scene in which Donnie is having a conversation with woman. He’s sharing something that someone once told him about life. He said to Donnie the truth that “every creature dies by itself.” This radical remark use by Vlone and was the basis for their own slogan.

The History of Vlone Logo

The Vlone brand is based on the motto “you are alone and you die by yourself.” Vlone founded by three individuals, based on Bari, Vlone is a lifestyle brand that isn’t tied to the world of streetwear or high fashion. The DNA of the brand inspired by Harlem the New York neighborhood where the A$AP Mob  established.


The main Vlone logo displays the name of the company in a very readable serif font. The letters’ proportions are off-putting. letters are taller than usual. The word is divide in two parts that differ by shades. No matter what color “lone, “lone,” white or black, “V” is always depicte in a different, more vibrant shade, like green, blue, red and more.

“Friends” is the “Friends” Symbol

There are T-shirts, hoodies, or other items of clothing bearing the word “Friends (or “Friends”)” and were wondering what the word means. A$AP Bari claims that the “minus” sign is for zero, and the meaning of the word is “No Friends” or “Zero Friends.” In simple terms, it’s a different way of saying “Vlone” as well as “alone.”

the certain variations the minus sign is located inside a circle. In other variations have no circles around the minus symbol. The issue is that even without the circular frame, the minus symbol is often left out, which makes the logo’s meaning unclear. If a circle is in the vicinity of the sign that says minus, it draws attention to the sign and makes people think about what it could be referring to.

V” Symbol “V” symbol

The Vlone logo comes in a different version. It appears on the reverse of clothing items with “Friends-” or “Friends (or “Friends”)” symbol. It’s a huge “V” with a strange font that resembles a message inscribed to the wall. You may also see another variation that uses’” “V” symbol with it is surround by “V” is enclose.

The Vlone Logo Design Elements

Vlone Font Although the typical Vlone logo’s font appears to be traditional however, its “V” symbol has a distinct look. The font seems to have come from the font called Bundy Yellow.

Vlone Colors Vlone Colors: Vlone emblem color is determined by the clothes it’s affixe to.

If, for instance, the item of clothing is black for instance, the “Vlone” message is typically white. If the garment is white, then the “Vlone” insignia is black.

“V” symbol is a popular one “V” symbol could be display in a variety of vibrant shades. “Friends-” and the “V” along with the “Friends” symbols are usually depicte in orange or black.

History of Vlone. History of Vlone

Vlone  established on Harlem’s streets. Harlem in the year 2011. It found in 2011 when a group of multi-talented people (including musicians, rappers singers, fashion designers) who were all influenced by the same fashion and music concept launched a street style label called Vlone Clothing.

In a brief period of time Vlone Clothing began to pop up on social media and quickly go viral following the A$AP Mob members began wearing the clothes themselves.

Who started Vlone?

The year 2011 saw A$AP Bari A$AP Rocky A$AP K Ian Connor, and Playboy Carta began a new journey that eventually led to the birth of Vlone.

Many founders are household names in the world of music, apart from Ian Connor, who’s more well-known as a prominent street culture icon and fashion guru. A$AP K decided to leave this venture, however the clothing line grew without his involvement. Be attentive to Playboy Carta and A$AP Rocky and you’ll see that they’ve got the logo of the brand to show their appreciation for the brand as well as their art.



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