Things to know about Kerala tourism

There are so many places to visit in Kerala that a week is not enough. This beautiful and charismatic land is also known as the country of God. It is a state that is a blend of natural beauty and magic. Kerala is also known as the spice garden of India. There are many firms that provide deals to visit Kerala. You can get your Kerala tour package from Surat with these firms. Moreover, these deals comes with a price that anyone can afford. These below point are the things about Kerala tourism that you must know.

Weather of Kerala

Kerala is the most cleanest and gorgeous state of South India. It has green lands, large tea plants, mountains and valleys. Therefore, it is much cooler than any other state. The weather here remains very pleasant throughout the year. During the summer season, Kerala gets winds and storms. In the other hand, Kerala becomes much more cooler in winter season. Moreover, Kerala is the only state that gets monsoon before any other state of India. You will certainly enjoy your visit to this pretty state in any month.

Place with backwaters

Kerala is the hub of backwaters and gorgeous scenic sights of coconut trees. The backwater is actually the fresh water that comes down from the river. It is used for the paddy fields and later goes ahead and merges with ocean. Kerala state is on the edge of the Arabian sea. Therefore, there are many beaches and backwaters which you can witness here. You can also take rides of houseboats and visit the whole city through waterways. The boat rides and surroundings will certainly make you fall in love with nature.

Beaches of Kerala

Kerala has many places that have many beaches to visit. Kovalam is one of the beach town placed by the gorgeous Arabian sea. There is much beauty that lies within this city. This city is also the most famous tourist place because of its beaches. There are also many beach resorts that provide stays at certain places. Moreover, you will find many places that are famous for tasty sea food items. Moreover, you will certainly love the fish items here.

Alleppey, backwaters and boats

Alleppey is also known as the Venice of the East. This charming place is a hub of backwaters and home to thousands of houseboats. These boats are in fact a reworked version of the Kettuvallams lamps of older times. These boats that covers over wooden hulls used to carry tons of rice and spices. You will also find comforts like toilets, bedroom, kitchen and balcony in these boats. These boats are perfect to enjoy rides and looking coconut trees through it. Moreover, it is a place to enjoy laidback canals and greenery.

Green lands and spice plants

Kerala is a place that have scenic sights of mountains, green lands and valleys. It is a perfect place to witness the beauty of nature and its magic. Kerala is the only state that produce maximum quantity of spices among any Indian state. Therefore, it is also known as the spice capital of India. You will find orchards of spices like Cardamom, black pepper, Fenugreek, and black cumin here. The green orchards of spices gives this place a different fragrance. Moreover, the aroma of coffee plants and fruits will certainly bless your nostrils.

Places to visit in Kerala

There are many places that you can visit in Kerala. You can visit Alleppey, which is also known as the Venice of the east. This place offers cruse down the backwaters while enjoying the unique feel of the houseboats. There are also many Churches, Hindu temples and Mosques where you can visit in Kerala. Moreover, Wayanad and Munnar are the places that are full of greenery. These places are known for their soothing temperature all around the year. Therefore, it is a must visit place to escape the scorching sun of North India.

Kerala offers many hill sights, valleys, green plants and ancient places to visit. You will certainly enjoy your visit to the famous and loved places of South India. This state is famous for its backwaters, spice, plants green valleys and pleasant weather. These above voiced points are the things that you must know before planning for Kerala. The above points proves that Kerala Is worth a visit. These are the best things to know about Kerala tourism before planning for it. Moreover, you will certainly enjoy riding in the boats on the water here.

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