School Cleaning And Disinfection Protocol 

School Cleaning And Disinfection Protocol 

Educational centers are spaces with the daily traffic of people and a lot of activity, which is why they require a high level of cleaning to keep them in optimal conditions of hygiene and well-being. 



As a company specializing in School cleaning and nursery, in this article, we will tell you how to clean schools step by step and the most important points for school cleaning.

Key aspects of school cleaning. 

When considering carrying out cleaning services in schools, it is necessary to consider what type of center it is. The cleaning of nurseries and nursery schools differs from the service that is needed for the cleaning of universities or institutes.

In the former, the disinfection of surfaces, objects, and toys is very important, since we deal with young children. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria and germs on them, sanitation tasks must be increased.In the case of higher education centers, although cleanliness may be less, the facilities are larger, so the problem will be to cover the entire school cleaning.

With the Covid-19 crisis, hygiene and disinfection standards have increased in many educational centers. The main measure against the pandemic has been the reinforcement of school cleaning services. However, for these reinforcements to be effective, they must follow specific protocols imposed by the health authorities, which establish the procedures, products and prevention measures to carry out safe disinfection. 

Guide for cleaning schools step by step.

Despite the differences, we can distinguish the following steps for professional school cleaning. 

Step 1. Cleaning planning.

Prior to the service, it will be necessary to expect the needs of the center to clean resources. In previous posts we talked about having a service plan that specifies the spaces, cleaning frequencies, personnel needs, cleaning equipment, and machinery.

Step 2. Extraordinary cleaning. 

We usually do deep cleanings at the end or beginning of the course, to get the school ready. These cleanings comprise:

  • Before starting, classrooms, offices, and common rooms are ventilated, furniture is removed and bins are emptied.
  • We clean by sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting the furniture, and cleaning the walls and baseboards. A key point is the cleaning of the air conditioners and their filters, as well as the grilles and ventilation ducts.
  • This is the time to carry out specific floor treatments, such as polishing and polishing or scrubbing floors with industrial machinery such as those in gyms or sports facilities.
  • We will also clean the windowpanes, their frames, the blinds, and the stools.
  • It is necessary to carry out maintenance or repairs.
  • Doors, handrails, knobs, and other contact surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We cleaned the tables and other furniture with an ink remover product, eliminating the graffiti that makes the classrooms so ugly.
  • Finally, an exhaustive cleaning and disinfection of the toilets, showers and changing rooms are carried out.

With this planning we will organize the cleaning tasks throughout the course in advance, anticipating dates on which we will need special cleaning or on which the center is free to carry out repairs. Holidays such as Christmas and Easter, for example. 

Step 3. Daily cleaning of the school. 

A well-performed extraordinary cleaning will facilitate ongoing cleaning tasks. So that the daily cleaning will focus on keeping the center tidy, clean, and in optimal hygienic conditions.

The basic thing is to disinfect toilets, bathrooms, and surfaces daily, using approved disinfectant detergents, and avoiding the use of bleach as much as possible. We explain here the reason if you’d like to know.

We will have routine cleaning tasks: emptying bins, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning blackboards, and dusting furniture.

In order for the space to be in the best condition, promoting cleanliness in the center is of great help. Involving students and teachers in being orderly and careful. The facilities can be a great improvement in the well-being of all. But also a great saving of time and money for the school.

If you are a subsidized or private school and want to outsource your cleaning service, contact our team and we will provide you with an adequate budget for the needs of your center.



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