Invisalign vs Braces – differences

Invisalign vs Braces – differences. Orthodontics corrects alterations in the alignment of the teeth, restores the functionality and morphology of the face and mouth, restores the bite, and, of course, aesthetics. So, if they all meet these objectives, how are conventional and invisible orthodontics different?:

There are several options when choosing the proper treatment to straighten your teeth. Many people who want a beautiful, straight smile may have difficulty deciding between Invisalign vs Braces.

We will start by explaining what each of these techniques consists of:

What do we understand by conventional orthodontics?

We refer to the most classic orthodontics that uses metal appliances better known as brackets.

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What is invisible orthodontics?

Orthodontics with Invisalign consists of transparent aligners. It is a system that moves the teeth in the same way that the brackets do, the same biological process, the difference is that the Invisalign system wraps the tooth with a splint and the brackets are attached to the tooth, in both the treatment times are similar.

Which is more effective?

They all pursue the same goals, although the path they follow is different. Each patient, together with our team of certified dentists, with extensive experience and a master’s degree in each of the different specialties, after carrying out a personalized study and diagnosis, decides which treatment is most appropriate according to their needs.

If aesthetics concerns us, conventional orthodontics is not the most suitable option. In this case, aesthetic or sapphire orthodontics are more in demand, but Invisalign invisible orthodontics is the most suitable due to its discretion since it is practically invisible to the eye.

With Brackets, it is usual to review the treatment once a month. In addition, urgent appointments are much more frequent.

On the other hand, with Invisalign, if the patient is disciplined, the revisions are usually spaced every month and a half and even become bi-monthly. On the other hand, emergency appointments are not necessary since with Invisalign an attachment can be detached, but this will never be considered an emergency, it is resolved in the usual appointments. In addition, with Invisalign, the duration of these visits are shorter.

Will I be able to take it off whenever I want or need it?

The invisible orthodontics with Invisalign is removable, that is, they can be removed to eat or brush your teeth with ease. On the contrary, this is not possible with the traditional one nor with the lingual one.

Which is more comfortable?

With Invisalign invisible orthodontics, as there are no wires or rubber bands, the patient is more comfortable, nor can they slightly irritate your gums or the mouth, giving rise to ulcers as if it happens with braces. During the first few days, some experience slight pressure or discomfort, but not much less pain. In addition, when created to measure they adapt much better.

Oral hygiene
With braces, cleaning is a little more difficult because, as we have said, it is not possible to remove them. On the other hand, with Invisalign® hygiene is the same as when you did not wear orthodontics since it is removable and you can remove it to wash properly.

Which is more innovative?
Invisalign, without a doubt, is the most pioneering and avant-garde technique that exists. In addition, thanks to 3D digital technology with our iTero intraoral scanner, we can simulate what your smile will be like when the treatment ends and estimate how long it will last, on the first visit and without having started the treatment. In addition, with Invisalign, the duration of these visits are shorter.

So, is conventional orthodontics better or invisible orthodontics?

Depends. To discover the answer, make an appointment to study your case and together decide the most effective option for your smile. Remember that if you are a Vip Dent patient, WE GIVE YOU A DENTAL WHITENING, at the end of your treatment and thus be able to show off a perfect, white and radiant smile.

Invisalign treatment, what does it consist of?

A personalized treatment that will change little by little for other aligners so that the teeth reach their corresponding place.

Each treatment is exclusive and personal. Each person has different teeth and problems, and for that reason, the duration of treatment will be different in each case.


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