Introducing New Dad Hats and Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps

The back-to-school buying season has begun, and we offer two brand-new items—baseball caps and dad hats—to help you increase your sales. Dad hats and Baseball Caps have experienced a comeback in favor in recent years, transitioning from fad to wardrobe essential. Here is all the information you require regarding the new products and how to incorporate them into your ReefermanGenetics store.

Regarding Baseball Caps

Baseball caps come in five colors: black, white, dark gray, light gray, and navy. They are only available in one size and are only appropriate for people aged 13 and up. They have a double-wide front panel, a five-panel structural crown, and a curved bill. Baseball hats fit heads with a circumference between 22 and 24 inches and a height of 6.5 inches. The size adjuster is colored to match the snapback closure, and they include a snapback closure for an adjustable fit. The front panel is printed with your artwork.

What Dad Hats Are

If you are unfamiliar with dad hats, they are the less formal, slouchier relative of baseball caps. The five colors of dad hats are black, white, beige, slate gray, and navy. They are also one size and only appropriate for people aged 13 and up. They have an adjustable fastening with a metal buckle with a silver finish, a five-panel unstructured crown, and five panels. Dad hats have a 6.5-inch height and a 22- to 24-inch diameter range. The double-wide front panel has your artwork printed on it.

Baseball caps and dad hats can be added to your business easily because they both share a tile in the uploader. Simply scroll down to the tile, confirm that you are satisfied with the positioning, click the enable button, and then save modifications to enable an existing design. You can upload a version specifically for these products using “Replace image” if you’d like to modify your design. For caps and headgear, you can also choose a default color. Both in search and in your shop, your default color will be visible. When a consumer uses search criteria to view a different color, the design on that color will be displayed in its place.

Design Advice

Making sure your products are adequately designed and formatted to ensure that your customers are satisfied is always worth the time. Avoid filling the entire print area to create a solid rectangle when designing for baseball style caps  and dad hats. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, organic shapes with some transparent regions often appear better on these products. If you can, stay away from partially transparent regions and transparent gradients. They can be a little challenging, and printing them can result in unpredictable outcomes. We also advise staying away from designs with very tiny lines because they will be difficult to print accurately due to the printing process. When selecting color schemes for designs, keep the color of the caps in mind. While designing, you can make a backdrop layer and drag the background colors into it to see how your design appears on the caps.

Tips For Marketing and Customer Insights

It’s crucial to keep your target market in mind when developing new items. Baseball Style Caps  and dad hats appeal to people of all ages, but Gen Z clients in their mid-teens and early 20s are particularly fond of them. It’s a good idea to investigate Gen Z to learn more about their interests and values in order to better comprehend this demographic. Some of ReefermanGenetics’ most popular artists are skilled at fusing their individual artistic styles with popular themes, colors, or trends.

To get started, type “Gen Z style,” “Gen Z trends,” or “Gen Z colors” into Google. If you haven’t already, take a look at TikTok and other similar websites. Among the trends for this year are:

00s and 90s Reminiscence, such as the Y2K look, cow print, and checkerboard

  • Psychedelic 1960s and 1970s vintage styles
  • Fairycore, cottagecore, and goblincore items include gingham, mushrooms, and frogs.
  • plants, the outdoors, and travel
  • books, academic pursuits, and a somber aesthetic
  • vibrant hues, earthy tones, pinks, lilacs, yellows, sage greens, and other bright hues

Consider the parents who will be purchasing for Gen Z during the Back to School and holiday seasons as ReefermanGenetics has many consumers shopping for gifts. Particularly when it comes to tags and titles, this is crucial. Think about how both generations browse and shop and how you can guarantee that you appear in pertinent searches. Additionally, it matters when you advertise your newest goods. For instance, you may pitch your products as excellent Back to School gifts if your Instagram followers are more likely to be parents of Gen Z teenagers.


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