Introduce your dApp game on an NFT gaming platform like Cryptokitties

NFT-based games are one of the biggest changes to the online gaming industry. This has been shown to work. Also, people all over the country have grown to hate NFTs.

But in 2017, CryptoKitties, the first blockchain-based NFT game project, became a huge hit in the crypto industry. According to reports, CryptoKitties has made more than $1,307. Then many games like CryptoKitties started to make their way into the crypto industry.

The problem is that making such detailed DApp games takes time and skill. We wanted to help you get a Cryptokitties clone script because of this. This is important because it lets you start your own DApp game quickly and for a low cost.

Cryptokitties Clone

CryptoKitties was one of the first games that used the Blockchain. CryptoKitties works the same way Bitcoin does, but they aren’t digital money. The CryptoKitties Clone Script is the entire source code for making a copy of CryptoKitties. It also makes a lot of changes to fit the needs of the idea.

The Cryptokitties Clone Script is a gene-coded blockchain game script that uses DNA sequences to make a copy of the Crytokitties platform that is exactly the same. Using our Cryptokitties Clone, businesspeople can make avatars that are unique to them and have different traits. The platform we built with our clone script has strong security and makes it easy for customers to trade.

Features of CryptoKitties Clone Script

The features of the CryptoKitties clone script promise to give each user a full boost by combining several important parts.

Build your own

You can make your own unique and beautiful creatures for your game by using avatars that you can change. You can sell your crypto animals by putting an ad for them on a marketplace where buyers can find them and buy them immediately.

Safe through a contract

Because your Crypto-kitties are built on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC721, you can use the smart contract module to protect your assets or digital collectible animals.


In the Cat Community, people can design their own animals to mint and breed.


The Clock Auction option is there to help sales go smoothly by letting you change the highest opening and closing bids and help you make money.

Feeding based on the breed

You can breed your cat pair to make unique kittens and buy and sell assets to feed your treasures.


Using the admin dashboard, you can evaluate deals while keeping an eye on data and real-time analytics. It can also tell you about your transactions and how much you made in commissions when you bought or sold something.

How can I use CryptoKitties to make money?

You can make money from CryptoKitties by using our CryptoKitties Clone Script to add these tried-and-true features. Smart contracts, which can’t be changed, are the main focus of empowerment. Their high-security features make trading easy and error-free.

For you to make money, we focused on making a public model that has been tested and shown to make money for consumers.

Pioneering ERC721 as a non-fungible Token protocol enables a long-term business model by earning 3.75 percent of each transaction on its platform. Cat sales also bring in money, but only up to 50,000 “Clock Cats,” given out every 15 minutes through smart contracts. The price of a Clock cat is based on the average price of the last five CryptoKittys sold.

When creating a descending clock auction on the Ethereum Blockchain, similar to breeding actions, the seller can choose a high starting price and a low ending price.

Using collectibles could easily balance the economic growth of the trade by integrating different ways to make money and run businesses.

Bottom line

Since we are the best and most experienced NFT Game Development Company, Suffescom is the only place you can come to build your own NFT game. With our revolutionary Cryptokitties Clone Script, a white-labeled crypto collectible platform, you can make only one but two incomes. Using our service, you can customize your CryptoKitties game and make more money.

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