How to select the best gate valves?

There are some factors on which you must depend while selecting the gate valves. Choose gate valves which are highly strong and durable in construction and prevent users from expensive replacements. It is vital to consider mainly the size of the gate valve & system when choosing the gate valve. You can reach out to one of the best suppliers of gate valve. Remain with us and read this full post to explore how to select the best gate valve.


What are gate valves?


Gate valve are the most used valves for various industries representing linear motion isolation. Gate valve are used for permitting or stopping fluid flow. The name of gate valves comes from closure components which slide into the fluid flow stream to offer shut-off acting like the gate. Gate valve are used for demanding situations like high-pressure and high-temperature environments.


If you want to select the right kind of gate valve, select the best one to prevent high-replacement costs. You can install gate valves in the pipelines just like isolating valves and must not be used as the regulating or control valves. 


What are the different types of gate valves used?


> Standard Wedge Gate valves 

> Solid Tapered Wedge 

> Solid Pliable Wedge 

> Double Disc type 

> Bellow Design


What are the pros of using gate valves?


These three important pros of gate valve make them best for numerous industrial uses:


  1. The closing feature of gate valve is very good. 
  2. They offer laminar flow and pressure loss is minimal
  3. Gate valves provide less fluid flow resistance & less pressure drop as compared to those butterfly valves. Gate valve can easily tackle higher pressures than those butterfly valves.


The oil and gas industry needs loads of valves that allow easy and simple operation of the systems. The importance of gate valve is undeniable in various types of industries. Are you excited to know more about gate valves? Do not worry. ADIPEC exhibition 2022 can be the best event for you to attend where you can explore an extensive range of solutions ideal for the oil and gas industry. Come and meet us, Dutco Tennant LLC at stall no – Atrium A210.


What are the most vital factors which you must consider while selecting gate valves?


If you compromise the quality of gate valves then usually that leads to very early replacement when these valves fail. To decrease the full lifecycle cost, you will need to use good quality gate valves and along with that consider these factors:


  1. Wedge design of gate valves


The wedge refers to the sealing part of gate valve. It is very crucial. You need to remember that the wedge is the main element of these valves and any damage to the wedge refers to the short life span of gate valve.

What you can do is a visual inspection of the gate valve wedge. Before purchasing the gate valve, you can inspect the wedge in the valve body to guarantee irregularities are not present which could otherwise have led to high-abrasive and high-actuating torques. Get in touch with one of the best suppliers of gate valve in the Middle East and GCC region.


  1. Quality of rubber


The quality of rubber is another critical part of durability as a function of valves. The rubber should withstand constant impact from chemicals & impurities without getting damaged. Some organic substances usually get transferred from rubber compounds acting like nutrients for microorganisms and begin forming the biofilm and causing drinking water contamination. So choose the gate valve with the wedge rubber which can efficiently ensure minimal biofilm formation.


  1. Know the significance of external corrosion protection


Corrosion protection externally is important for the gate valve service life. An epoxy and uniform coating is highly recommended while you select the right type of gate valve.


  1. Tight construction


When we talk about stem sealing, in order to offer protection to sealings against contamination, the sealing needs to be deployed around the valve stem right on the top portion. 


  1. Closing & operating torques


While the operation of gate valve takes place through a handwheel or electric actuator, it is vital for the users to pay heed to both operating as well as closing torques.




We hope this post has helped you with a brief guide covering the factors to consider while selecting the right kind of gate valve for your applications. So, from material choice to the processing methods, choose the right valve that can bring a huge difference to your system and also boosts the service life. 


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