How to Properly Care for Your Moissanite Earrings?

Moissanite earrings are gorgeous and will give you the look you want, but if you’re not careful, they can lose their sparkle quickly. To ensure that your earrings shine as brightly as possible, take good care of them with these simple tips.

Don’t expose your earrings to harsh chemicals

Moissanite earrings are beautiful and durable. However, to maintain their beauty, you should take a few steps to care for your earrings. 

When wearing your earrings, make sure that the backings are screwed on tightly so that they don’t loosen up or come off. 

You should also avoid getting them wet as this can cause damage and dull their shine over time. If you must wear them while swimming or showering, make sure that the water is not too hot and be careful when drying them with a towel since this can leave scratches behind as well. 

Moissanite earring backs are made of metal which means they can tarnish if exposed to harsh chemicals like perfume, hairspray, lotion or makeup remover.

Don’t expose your earrings to extreme heat or cold

Store your earrings in their box or jewelry pouch when not being worn. Moissanite earrings are very durable and will not get scratched by other pieces in a jewelry box, but they can get scratched if stored with harder stones, like diamonds. 

Take care of your moissanite earrings by keeping them clean. If you have a pair of moissanite studs you wear daily. It is important to wipe them down with a damp cloth after wearing them. You can also use an alcohol-free solution or an antibacterial soap designed for sensitive skin. Avoid using any products that contain alcohol as this can cause the stone to turn cloudy over time. Cleaning your moissanite earrings regularly will help keep them sparkling!

Store your earrings properly

Store your earrings in a jewelry box lined with felt or soft cloth. When you are not wearing your earrings, store them in the original plastic bag they came in. Don’t put your earrings on while you’re sleeping as this can cause serious health problems such as infections or stretched piercings. Clean your earring periodically with a gentle soap and water solution, taking care not to submerge them in the liquid. Dry them off thoroughly with a towel before storing them away. Inspect the posts of your earrings regularly for signs of bending or warping. If there is any bending present, don’t wear the earrings until it is fixed by a professional jeweller. Never wear your earrings when using lotions or perfume which may affect their shine and clarity! Keep away from extreme heat like hair dryers and curling irons to prevent scorching or weakening of material over time.

Clean your earrings regularly

The most important thing in caring for your earrings is to clean them regularly. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab that has been soaked in warm water and wrung out well. Dab the earring gently with the damp cloth, making sure not to wipe it so hard that you move any dirt around. You can also use a small amount of dish soap in the water if you want, which will help remove any oils from your skin that may have gotten onto the earring while wearing it. Rinse the earring with cool water and dry them with a soft cloth or paper towel. Never clean your moissanite jewellery in an ultrasonic cleaner as this may lead to damage to its surface. When you are done cleaning your moissanite engagement rings, make sure that you store it back in its original container.


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