How to choose the garden furniture for your balcony?

The garden furniture is not reserved only for terraces and large exteriors. He also interferes on the balcony to imagine living spaces where you can have lunch as a couple and where you receive your friends during summer evenings. Are you looking for garden furniture for your balcony but don’t really know what to do in this sometimes small or narrow space? Here is a selection of furniture designed for this purpose and some tips for choosing it well.

Our selection of balcony garden furniture

Small spaces and garden furniture are not incompatible, we prove it to you with this selection of garden furniture for small balconies or narrow balconies. You will find relaxation lounges and dining sets. They all have a feature in common that makes them suitable for this space (stackable, foldable, small format).

Opt for a smart balcony garden furniture

Usually, the balcony is a bit restricted. Furnishing a small or narrow balcony therefore becomes a challenge. This is why the functionality of the garden furniture must be there, in order to save you space. To do this, there are several possibilities:

Stackable balcony lounge

Furniture that is added one above the other is appreciated for storing by occupying the height rather than the ground. This is the case of the chairs and armchairs but also of the ingenious low lounges provided for this purpose.

Built-in balcony lounge

Built-in units form compact pieces of furniture with studied dimensions. The principle? The seats slide under the table to create a united block without loss of space, when the living room is not in use.

Foldable balcony lounge

Very popular in small exteriors, these lounges fold and store easily. Folded, they can be leaned against the balcony wall so as not to overload the balcony.

Folding balcony lounge

The concept is simple. This is a suspended table that rests on the balcony railing. It gets up as soon as you want to eat outside and fall back against the railing.

The size of the garden furniture: an important criterion for small balconies

Before buying your garden furniture, do not hesitate to measure the dimensions of the balcony then to check those of the furniture on which you are choosing.

Make sure that with the living room set up, you have room to walk around it. There must also be enough space for the chair to move back when you are seated during a meal outside. In an interior, we recommend about 70 cm of setback. For more different models, check now on We can keep the same proportions for the balcony even if in certain situations it will be necessary to reduce it.

If your balcony is long, and you are planning a bench seat or sofa, check the depth of the furniture to ensure that you have room to stretch your legs.

Garden furniture for 2 people for small balconies

The 2-seater garden furniture is the most common on balconies. It traditionally consists of two armchairs or chairs with a table. It can be a coffee table for low living rooms or a classic dining table for dining sets.

It will not take up much space, and will allow you to enjoy its exterior as a duo. It also creates an intimate space, where you will enjoy savoring the rays of the sun.

For a friendly table, we can opt for round formats because they make it easier to move around the balcony without the risk of bumping into the corners. The square table is also appropriate because it invites usability.

Choose the right materials

Regarding the materials, the advice is the same as for a garden. This furniture words for outdoor use, therefore subject to humidity, UV rays and other climatic hazards. The following materials will therefore be particularly suitable:

  • resin wicker
  • aluminium
  • outer fabrics (dralon, textilene, batyline, etc.)
  • wood (prefer exotic woods such as teak or acacia)

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