Hotel cleaning: Planning, Procedure, And Tips.

Hotel cleaning: Planning, Procedure, And Tips.

The level of cleanliness in a hotel is one point that most influence the opinion of guests. As clients, we all know it: a bad experience with hygiene in a tourist accommodation will make us never come back and, Hotel cleaning perhaps, leave an unfortunate review on the booking platforms. 

Something that can generate significant damage to the image of the hotel establishment.


For this reason, the cleaning and maintenance service in a hotel should not be taken lightly, whether internal staff or if you decide to hire an external cleaning company carries it out.

From SCS Group Integrated Services, as a hotel cleaning company, we tell you in this article how we carry out this service and the tips so that the cleaning and disinfection of the hotel are impeccable.

Cleaning planning in hotels

As always, prior to carrying out the service, it is necessary to anticipate the needs of cleaning personnel, products, and supplies. 

For the cleaning of hotels and tourist apartments, this will depend a lot on the characteristics of the establishment (its size and facilities, number of rooms, whether it is an urban hotel or a resort, exteriors, swimming pool…) and the time of year ( in high season, the more reservations, the greater the need for cleaning).

By outsourcing the cleaning service, we expose these needs to the company, and after the corresponding study, we include them in a cleaning plan. The services supervisor will ensure that we follow this schedule, besides coordinating the cleaning team.

How to do cleaning in hotels? Tips.

With the cleaning schedule ready, we can start with the service. The cleaning of both rooms and common spaces must follow a protocol that guarantees quality and complete disinfection, such as the following.

Room cleaning procedure.

  1. Ventilate the room, both in winter and in summer.
  2. Remove objects, and garbage and empty the trash cans.
  3. Remove bedding, towels, and bathroom rugs without shaking them, and place them in a plastic bag to take them to the laundry room, where they will be washed at a high temperature.
  4. Clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces, with hot water, including walls, tiles, and doors, and place the amenities.
  5. Clean the dust of the furniture, and objects and put everything in its place.
  6. Put clean bedding and towels.
  7. Clean the floor: first, use a mop or vacuum cleaner, and then mop or steam cleaning with carpet.
  8. Finally, check the state of taps, plugs, light keys, and closures… to notify the maintenance service of any failures.

Critical points in the room cleaning

  • Carpets, upholstery, and soft or textile surfaces (such as curtains, headboards, and armchairs…) are surfaces that accumulate a large amount of dirt and can be a source of infection. When these textiles cannot be removed for washing, it is necessary to steam clean the fabric or use an injection-extraction vacuum cleaner (known as a carpet cleaner ).
  • Another solution is to use a nebulizer. A cleaning machine that releases disinfectant liquid in small amounts. In the form of a mist or cloud. This allows quick disinfection that reaches corners and areas that are difficult to access.
  • Window cleaning should recur, since finding stains on the windows can give a careless image. 
  • We must pay special attention to contact surfaces. (remote controls, knobs, outside of plugs). To manually disinfect them with an approved disinfectant.
  • Neglecting the cleaning of windows can affect the feeling of hygiene and cleanliness of the hotel

Cleaning of common areas. 

As for the rest of the hotel rooms, we must carry cleaning out with the same rigor. Some important points are:

  • The continued disinfection of the reception, because of its transit of people.
  • Emphasize the cleanliness of children’s or play areas.
  • In the case of having gardens or green areas, and a swimming pool, have an adequate gardening and maintenance service.

Hotel cleaning checklist

Another fundamental tool for a quality cleaning service is the activities checklist. It is a document, to be filled out by the service supervisor, which reviews:

  • Condition of the cart and cleaning machinery, and the supply of products.
  • That the established cleaning protocols are being complied with: is wet cleaning carried out? Is the use of clothes complied with according to the color code? Are wet areas marked correctly to prevent falls and accidents?
  • The quality observed in the cleanliness of each room, that is, if we achieved the required level of cleanliness.

Following these guidelines, together with a professional team, a cleaning and disinfection we can guarantee service that meets the expectations of the hotel sector.

If you are looking for a cleaning company for your hotel or tourist accommodation, contact us and we will prepare an indicative budget-oriented to the needs of your space.

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