Here are 8 Tips To Buying Your First Embroidery Machine

Choosing your first embroidery machine can be daunting. First of all, you don’t even know what questions to ask because you’ve never used one. Second, most people don’t want to spend much money “not using it.” We hear this a lot. Or they think the embroidery digitizer machine is only there to design shirts for their grandchildren, and they don’t have grandchildren. 

Take the time to research local options before making a purchase. If you are lucky enough to have a sewing store or two in your area specializing in embroidery, we guarantee your purchase will be worth it because they will always be there.

Even better, if they offer a course that allows you to try out an embroidery  before you buy, you will definitely choose a better option instead of waiting to spend extra money on a more advanced embroidery machine after a few months. The National Embroidery Practice is a great way to see, learn, try and share with other pattern makers what they’ve learned since buying their first embroidery machine. Many embroiderers will tell you how many embroidery machines they have during their embroidery journey.

Here are a Few Suggestions Before you Bought your First Embroidery Machine.

The largest embroidery design size machine can embroider?

This is probably the number one question people ask when shopping for a new embroidery machine. While looking at samples in the store, ask what size embroidery machine hoop you will be used to embroider the design. 

Although the embroidery hoop appears to be one-size-fits-all, please note that the embroidery designs are not sewn to the edge of the hoop. Shows the internal physical dimensions of the embroidery machine. The distance between the needle and the machine is the widest embroidery width. The longer the embroidery machine, the wider the embroidery design

Additional hoops Availability and Prices?

Embroidery machines offer additional hoop sizes. Check out the available sizes and get an idea of ​​the price range, so you don’t get surprised later.

Can it combine one embroidery design on the screen?

It seems like an easy request, but not all models do this. If you want to combine embroidery designs, screen names, and sew all at once, you need a machine that can combine designs. If the machine you choose does not have this option, you will need to purchase embroidery software for your Windows PC or Mac to do this.

Design Transferring Method

Today, the most common way is to use a USB flash drive. A USB drive can easily transfer or download embroidery files from a CD to a computer to a device. This simple transfer does not require the computer and the embroidery machine to be in the same room. Newer embroidery machines have WiFi for transferring designs, and some machines require a cable to connect this transfer. Make sure the option you choose works with the technology you’re used to.

Does the Embroidery Machine have Sewing Ability too?

Most embroidery machines are sewing and embroidery machines. Even if you already have a sewing machine you want to keep and sew while your embroidery machine is running, having an embroidery  that can sew isn’t bad. These compact machines usually offer more functionality than stand-alone embroidery machines. When it comes time for annual maintenance on your main sewing machine, that’s fine; you always have a hand sewing machine.

The Built-in alphabet and Customization

Most embroidery machines have a few built-in letters. And if you want more? How do you add more letter patterns to embroidery? Purchasing additional embroidery software to install on your Windows or Mac computer is the easiest way to increase the typography settings, but some companies offer free embossing software that you can download from the company and make your custom embroidery name patches easily.

Purchase You Embroidery Machine? Here’s Some Useful Tips


Here’s a quick list of things to do three months before you buy your first embroidery machine: 

  • Schedule your  embroidery  class. If you didn’t take an embroidery class when you bought it, find a store that offers embroidery classes that you can take. 
  • If there are no courses available in your area, check out our basic online embroidery course. 
  • Turn on your  embroidery  and embroider some of the included embroidery patterns before the first class (your teacher will thank you!) 
  • Take your embroidery class at the shop. 
  • Read your embroidery machine manual afterwards of the practical class: it will make more sense. 
  • Sign up for all embroidery events hosted by your local store; be sure to register early, embroidery events are fun, entertaining, and educational, so they fill up fast! 
  • Watch online video lessons and try to make new designs that will be fun.

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