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Scraping and exporting Google Maps data with email addresses can be frustrating as Google Maps has no option to download data from Google Maps. If you are looking for authentic Google Maps data scraping services. Then, look no further as this Google Maps Scraper can help you find and extract data from Google Maps. Our Google Map Extractor assists in collecting the requisite information from Google Maps without login. You do not need logins or any other hassle to use it. All you have to do is to use this great tool and it will provide you with detailed information sets about Google Maps.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Google Map Extractor?

Find Data From Google Maps By Keywords

An important advantage of Google Maps data extractor is that it assists in fetching detailed information from Google Maps. You can get details such as business names, contact numbers, email addresses, ratings, reviews, etc. with our Google Maps Crawler. Our business data extractor finds data from Google Maps with your given keywords, URL, and zip codes. After extracting the Google Maps data, it will store it in a structured manner using CSV, JSON, and XLSX formats. The scraped data from Google Maps support an understanding of various market genres. Google Maps benefits decision-making mechanisms and b2b marketing campaigns.

Cost-friendly and User-Friendly

Another notable feature of Google Maps Listings Scraper is that it is very affordable and provides 100% accurate data. Google Maps Email Extractor focus on providing extensive and accurate scraped datasets from Google Maps. You will fall into no legal hassle with Google Maps Grabber. It follows all the terms and conditions of Google Maps.

These are the notable advantages of the Google Maps data scraping tool. If you wish to get these advantages, then download the Google Maps Extractor software now. We are the most renowned company to help in Google Maps and profile data scraping. You can get full-fledged Google Maps reports without any login or other technical issues. Without further wait, use the software for Google Maps data scraping and earn endless benefits.

How Does The Google Map Extractor Work?

As you see, Google Maps doesn’t allow provide any option to download data, so we will need to use a tool.

We prefer using the Google Map Extractor tool.

The Google Maps Scraper will extract data from Google Maps in the simple 3 steps given below.

The Google Maps prospecting tool’s price starts at $49.99 per month, giving you up to 1200-1500 leads/per month.

Step 1. Install the Software

The first step is to download the Google Maps Extractor software from our website (

The download process may take a few seconds.

Step 2. Upload the CSV file or Find Data With keywords

After downloading the software, you can upload a CSV file to download data from this file. You can find data on Google Maps by keywords or zip codes.

Step 3. Extract And Export Data From Google Maps

Now, wait a few minutes while the Google Maps Reviews Scraper starts scraping data from Google Maps for your given keywords and files.

Once done, you can download the newly generated Google Maps list in a CSV format by clicking on the “CSV” button from the Software.

Final Thoughts:

With Google Map Extractor, you no longer, need to extract Google Maps data yourself since it does it automatically.

Are you afraid that Google Maps will detect that you are using Google Maps automation software? We have thought of everything! It is entirely possible to select the action times of your tool as well as the quota of actions, ideal for simulating human behavior when scraping data from Google Maps.

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