Flood in an apartment. What to do?

None of us is immune from domestic troubles, especially the residents of apartments, the well-being of their dwellings depends not only on themselves but also on their neighbors. We are afraid to leave the iron, light, and TV on. But trouble can come from a completely different direction, a flood in an apartment is not just a hypothetical problem for many, but a real disaster on a local scale.

She has several reasons: a pipe break, a burst siphon, or the usual forgetfulness of you or your neighbors from above. The problem is that it is not easy to eliminate the consequences of flooding, water is quickly absorbed and destroys your favorite repairs and furniture literally before our eyes. To stop the water element, you need efficiency and a cold mind, and also a few tips and help from the SCS Group Integrated Services cleaning company.

What to do if you are flooded?

If neighbors are to blame for the flooding of your apartment, be prepared for unpleasant conversations and, possibly, litigation. In some cases, the situation can be resolved amicably, but some “material evidence” will not hurt:

  • Take a photo or video about the consequences of the flood so that you can easily see the scale of destruction in each room: the condition of the floor, walls, furniture, and decor;

  • I invite one neighbor, preferably a representative of OSBB, as a witness;

  • Draw up an act of damage (you may need expert opinions) with a specific amount of money to be compensated – this is the figure you will operate to achieve justice.

We must do quickly all this in order to pump out excess water as soon as possible. It is advisable to involve as many assistants as possible in this process. But even better is to call the SCS Group Integrated Services cleaning team. Since the rag and bucket are at your disposal. They are not the best tools when you need to pump out cubic meters of water.

When you yourself are the culprit of the water trouble, find and neutralize its cause. Contact a professional cleaning company like SCS Group Integrated Services without delay, otherwise, the neighbors below will sue you. And then, besides cleaning up after the flood in your apartment, compensate for the damage caused to your neighbors.

How is cleaning up after the flood going?

Cleaning after the flood is a cleaning service in Sydney, implying maximum efficiency and coordination of actions. Therefore, when contacting SCS Group Integrated Services, immediately inform about the urgency and approximate scope of the work. The liquidation of the consequences of the flood. With the help of a cleaning company will be faster and much more efficient. So not all of your things will go to waste after that but will continue to serve faithfully.

Besides pumping water, cleaning up after the flood involves:

  •  Removal of debris and dirt brought by streams of water;

  • Drying furniture, parquet, or laminate;

  •  Removing stains and drips from walls and ceilings;

  •  Treatment of walls and surfaces with special antifungal agents to prevent the occurrence of mold and unpleasant odors;

  • Room deodorization.

Cleaning after a flood is more difficult in winter when damp furniture cannot simply be dried outside and the apartment cannot be ventilated. Here, our specialists use special fans and air dryers. With a professional cleaning company, even a flood in an apartment becomes not such a terrible and insoluble problem!


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