Explore some best areas of New York 


No one in the world is unfamiliar with the main attraction in the United States & that is Newyork city. However, when planning a great holiday at this location, there is no doubt it will be an awesome experience. 

On the other side, this city has always greeted tourists with a different aura & style. However, there isn’t any limit to enjoyment & great fun here; you are welcome along or with your family to this amazing home-away destination. 

Moreover, this place is quite famous for several other things that offer you pleasureful memories. 

Here are some top areas to discover:

  1. Central Park:

What can be more interesting & amazing than starting your trip to NewYork by visiting Central park? The place is nothing less than offers a great picturesque view from all around. 

However, several other features make it among the 10 Best Areas Of New York To Visit. The tourists can stand on the bridge & enjoy the delightful views and floating boats. Moreover, it’s a great place to arrive along with the family with the greenery. 

Other than these, there is Belvedere Castle, followed by the Strawberry fields & much more. 

  1. Statue of liberty :

It’s without any doubt the most iconic & famous area in the United States & for first-time visitors; a must-visit location. Well, the statute was a beautiful gift to America from France. 

Moreover, it represents to be the symbol of freedom along with being the world’s largest statue. It’s quite visible from the land & offers some more amazing views from the battery park. The great statue has been part of several hit movies & a great piece of attractions.

While going on a tour, the visitors can enjoy shopping at Ellis Island & try to explore the immigration museum. 

  1. Enjoy at Art Museum:

It was, however, founded in 1870 & consider among the most institutions in the nation. On the other side, traveling to the United States through Luftanza airlines offers multiple services & affordable flights. You can also speak to the live person at Lufthansa in case of any help. 

The museum’s permanent collection comprises over 2 million artworks representing 5,000 years. Although there are about three sites & each of them represents some unique concepts. You can also visit different sections of the venue and enjoy art forms & photographs. 

  1. Rockefeller Center:

Now, if you have selected the amazing city of New York to be your travel destination for the vacation, then you can remember the Rockefeller center. It’s a massive entertainment & shopping complex in the middle of Manhattan. This place has several things to look for.

But, the centerpiece is the 70-story Rockefeller plaza which is also an Art Deco skyscraper & thus offers several incredible views. Besides this, there is an Observation deck with about three floors. 

Here, you spend some time in the indoor & outdoor spaces offering remarkable views. 

  1. Broadway district: 

Apart from moving to the above-renowned areas, the visitors can enjoy the great broadway shows. However, Broadway includes a large number of theatres. However, it’s among the 10 Best Areas Of New York To Visit & enjoys some long-running classic & latest shows. 

If you wish to enjoy some famous shows, then purchasing the tickets in advance is better. You can also learn about the program schedule & make plans accordingly. However, Shubert Alley is home to two playhouses where you can have the best time. 

  1. Empire state :

Everyone in the world is quite familiar with the Empire state building, which is US renowned landmark & also among the great attractions. There are some important facts like 381 meters tall & 102 stories, which was the tallest. 

However, this was till the World Trade Center rose to some more height after 41 years. There are two observation decks primarily located at the top of the building. You’ll never get this unbelievable experience anywhere else while on vacation. 

These offer an outstanding view & if the weather is clear from the outside, it’s quite visible up to 80 miles. 

7.9/11 memorial museum:

These are also called the September 11 attack when the world trade center twin 110 stores towers were destroyed by suicide pilot jetliners. However, this was quite a tragic incident that took several lives. 

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While arriving here, there are various unclear facts for which you can get the relevant answers at this place. On the other hand, it has a great presence that resembles a work of great architecture & much more. 


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