End of rental cleaning: what are the peculiarity and complexity?

End of rental cleaning: what are the peculiarity and complexity?

The termination of a rental agreement brings with it the need for a thorough cleaning of the entire space before we release the rental property. Your tenants can do end-of-lease cleaning your tenants can endend-of-lease cleaning or by a professional cleaning company hired by the tenants, by the landlord, or even by cost-sharing.


If you are a tenant and want to recover your deposit or if you are an owner who wants to prepare the home for the next tenant. When the end of a rental agreement comes, there is a need to clean the property. And it is that everyone would not like to enter our new home and find it totally clean. And is that who does not like to release a totally clean apartment?

Leasing free living spaces for long-term or daily rent is excellent financial support that does not require serious labor costs by the landlord. But it may seem so only to an outsider who is not familiar with the intricacies of rental relationships. In fact, an apartment in which strangers live has to be carefully monitored: troubleshooting equipment, repairing the furniture, and doing everything else to ensure that tenants live comfortably in a rented dwelling – after all, they pay for it.

But, pedantry and scrupulous cleanliness distinguish rare lodgers. And even if they are zealous fighters for cleanliness in their apartments, in rented apartments they quickly reconsider their sanitary preferences, leaving behind a dwelling in an extremely unpresentable form. Here, the SCS Group Integrated Services  a professional cleaning. Company in Sydney is comes to the rescue – your constant expert in cleanliness and assistant in the cleaning of any complexity!

Features of cleaning after tenants

In order to prepare an apartment after tenants for new tenants, and possibly return to it yourself, spend a lot of time and effort, giving it, if not its original, but at least a look approximately close to it. Cleaning apartments after tenants in Brisbane sometimes exceeds the standard general cleaning in terms of labor costs and therefore stands out as a separate type of cleaning service. It lasts longer than ordinary cleaning, sometimes requiring the involvement of several specialists, and sometimes plumbers and repairmen if the consequences of the tenants’ residence turned out to be really devastating.

As part of cleaning after tenants, we provide the following range of cleaning services:

  • Taking out the trash;
  • Removal of any type of dirt, or stains of unknown origin from walls, floors, and ceilings;
  • Cleaning tiles and tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet, as well as removing the fungus from it;
  • Cleaning in the kitchen
  • Window washing;
  • Disinfection of plumbing
  • Thorough cleaning of carpets and furniture;
  • Polishing of glass and metal surfaces;
  • Washing of skirting boards;

surface treatment with special disinfectants that fight unpleasant odors (some negligent residents like to smoke in the apartment or make bold culinary experiments, neglecting the hood).

Even after the most accurate tenants. Housing must be disinfected and put in order. New tenants will want to move into a clean and prepared apartment. For this, purchase special equipment, washcloths, and microfiber cloths. Which after a long general cleaning will have to be disposed of. SCS Group Integrated Services has all the inventory and consumables. As well as special vacuum cleaners and stepladders. So you don’t have to worry about organizing the cleaning process, much less control it.

In short, SCS Group Integrated Services wants you to find responsible and clean tenants. And I’m ready to eliminate the consequences of living for tenants. Who could not treat your apartment as if it were their own? 



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