Dive into the world of various HVAC products


The purpose of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) systems is to offer thermal comfort. HVAC systems help to maintain good indoor air quality via adequate ventilation.

Operation of the HVAC system is not easy work. These products help in easing and simplify the work of your HVAC systems.

While purchasing HVAC products, select good quality solutions.

A snippet into the HVAC system:

Heating, ventilation & cooling (HVAC) refers to the systems that clean air & offer warm or cool air. It depends on your particular climate requirement. These systems are always installed by technicians. HVAC is important because of its energy-saving features. More houses are installing HVAC systems in recent years because it is important.

HVAC systems are quite effective. These systems are designed by using the main principles of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics & heat transfer.

Large air conditioner boxes are examples of HVAC systems. Do not forget – HVAC systems ensure the cleanliness of air within a said environment.

Importance of HVAC products:

Each substantial facility requires reliable & efficient climate control. HVAC systems have loads of applications. Be it schools or warehouses. A wide range of HVAC solutions or equipment is needed.

These solutions can help HVAC systems to deliver the best comfort & sustainable efficiency. Reach out to one of the reputed suppliers of HVAC products.

What are various HVAC products?

HVAC products allow proper and hassle-free HVAC operation. Have a glance at the best HVAC products/ solutions that simplify your HVAC system operation:

1. Pipe supports

Pipe supports are useful supports for your HVAC piping systems. These pipe supports are perfect for every kind of piping for cold water piping systems. These pipe supports must be designed as per customer specifications. Different pipe support products are:

  • Anchors for HVAC – Helps in the anchoring of pipelines.
  • Rubber-Lined Clamps – Are used for hanging pipework fast.
  • U-bolts – Used for installation of uninsulated & insulated pipes.
  •  Pipe straps – These straps help in supporting vertical & horizontal pipes.

2. Hookup kits or FCU links

Hookup kits or FCU links are known as terminal valve assemblies. These are designed for including valves & connections to control & maintain terminal units. These kits are available in a broad range of styles & sizes.

3. Flexible joints

Flexible joints offer the piping systems the required flexibility for absorbing noise & vibration. These joints or connectors compensate for thermal growth. Even flexible joints allow the movement of other piping systems.

4. Strainers

Strainers help in protecting pumps, valves, meters, etc for filtering unwanted particles from respective mediums. these are available in different material combinations & end connections. Here are the different types of strainers:

  • Basket Type Strainers – Cast Iron
  •  Y Type Strainer – Brass, cast iron & bronze

5. Pressure-independent control valves (PICV)

These valves are full authority equal percentage temperature control valves. These valves are amalgamated constant flow limiters. Different types of PICV are:

  • Equal Percentage Characteristic PICV – Diaphragm Type-DZR Brass unites the functions of a regulation valve, a differential pressure controller & two-port control valve.
  • Linear Characteristic PICV – The cartridge Type DZR Brass offers modulating control with complete authority not with standing differential pressure fluctuations.

6. Controls Leak Detection solutions

Leak detection solutions for HVAC keep a check on leakage. These solutions ensure the location of the leakage is found fast. The most used solutions are:
a) Leak detection for acid

b) Leak detection for water.

7) Intelligent Control valves

Use intelligent control valves at any time to provide optimum fluid flow & pressure conditions. These valves help in maintaining a certain level, of pressure & flow regardless of any change in your supply network. The SCBV series of intelligent control valves conduct a PID algorithm comparing measured value along with energy, flow rate and temperature from PLC or DDC. Valves feature precise control and fully auto-adaptive PID which leads them to fit easily for numerous hydraulic conditions.

8. Differential Pressure Control Valves ( DPCV)

Differential Pressure Control Valves optimize the system performance. These valves are efficient. Why? So that the flow does not exceed the set rate. The most used DPCVs are made of DZR brass and cast iron.

9. BTU meters

These meters measure the thermal energy of cold water consumption in BTU. This measurement is usually precise. The most used BTU meters are:

1. Electromagnetic Type – BTU Meter
2. Ultrasonic Type – BTU Meter
3. Clamp on Type – BTU Meter

10. Butterfly valves

These valves are fast shut-off bi-directional valves. The usage of butterfly valves is undeniable in HVAC systems. Different types of butterfly valves used are:
a) Lug Type Butterfly valves
b) Flanged Butterfly valves
c) Wafer butterfly valves

11. Gate valves

Gate valves are multi-purpose bi-directional valves. These valves are sufficient for starting or stopping fluid flow. These valves are core in HVAC systems. here are the most used gate valve types:

1. Non-Rising Stem-Brass
2. Non-Rising Stem-Bronze
3. Non Rising Stem-Cast Iron

Expansion joint also explains.

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