Cleaning tips in a non-standard apartment

Cleaning tips in a non-standard apartment

 An unusual layout or a non-standardly designed interior space of the housing is not only a reason for the special pride of the owners but also a source of a lot of trouble. With cleaning huge areas, tidying up several levels, or washing vast glass, many apartment owners only sigh heavily and roll their eyes to the ceiling.


To ensure that the cleaning process in a city house or high-flat goes quickly and efficiently, and the results are pleasantly pleasing, our cleaning company in Sydney and Melbourne has prepared some useful tips.

Duplex apartments

A maximum of open space, a special comfort characterizes such housing. However, because of the absence of unnecessary walls and partitions, dust actively settles on the surface of furniture, and flights of stairs and railings clog into carpets and rugs.

High-quality cleaning of an apartment on several levels starts from the top. Then the dust will not settle on the interior items in the lower tier. In the same way, floors are washed or we vacuum carpets.

Here is a short list of current recommendations from experienced cleaners:

  1. Remember the famous phrase “divide and conquer”. This means that you should have a separate special set of detergents and improvised equipment (brushes, rags) for each floor. We can place it in a plastic basket or a cardboard box. But you do not have to constantly run up and down the stairs for the missing items.
  2. In the process of wet cleaning, you will have to regularly moisten sponges and rags. However, going to the bathroom will take a lot of time and effort. The way out is to keep a spray bottle filled with clean water handy.
  3. We can ventilate a bathroom with a window while you dust the entire apartment. Fresh air is the key to good health and a favorable microclimate in the home.

If you can’t find time to put your house in order, we suggest you find out ‌our cleaning prices and trust SCS Group Integrated Services professionals.

Hi flats

Full-length apartments with high ceilings (from 3 m or more), also called high flats, require a special approach to cleaning. We advise you to get the following inventory:

  • A special whisk, with which you can brush off the dust from the chandelier or poutine in the corners.
  • A mop with a soft microfiber head.

Both tools should have a telescopic handle, thanks to which you can easily reach the most inaccessible places. Pay attention to their weight – the hand should not get tired quickly.

The cleaning process begins with distant or dark corners, nooks, and crannies behind pipes and niches, gradually moving from there to the center of the apartment.

If the ceilings are too high, and it is difficult for you to put such an apartment in order on your own, we suggest ordering cleaning from our residential cleaning company. Contact Us. 

Loggias, balconies, terraces

Sit with friends on the outdoor terrace or have a leisurely cup of coffee while admiring the surrounding views – what could be better? However, it also needs to be cleaned regularly.

We usually make the flooring tiles, on the surface on which street dust actively settles. The main life hack is to use a vacuum cleaner first, and only then wash the floors. Then the dust will not get into the seams between the tiles. Furniture and balcony doors are first cleaned with a dry brush and then wiped with a damp cloth.

If your floors are wood, try adding some oxygenated bleach to your wash water. This technique will refresh the wood.

Experienced cleaners usually wash floors on terraces or verandas with a clean water jet supplied under high pressure using special pumps. This helps to clean the surface of any contaminants, as well as maintain the attractiveness of finishing materials.

Panoramic windows and glazed facades

Floor-to-ceiling windows (the so-called French type) look great, providing free access to daylight in the apartment. However, they get dirty quickly and require regular maintenance.

Good window cleaning starts with the right equipment. Forget about “grandmother’s” ways with the use of crumpled newspapers, etc. You will need:

  • Environmentally friendly glass cleaner (no pungent odor).
  • A scraper with a rubber nozzle on one end and an elastic sponge on the other.

First, the glass is treated with a detergent, applying it in small portions to a sponge. Then the residues are removed using a scraper. The result is a minimum of effort and perfect cleanliness!


SCS Group Integrated Services provides quality professional cleaning services to anyone who does not want to spend valuable time and effort on putting their home in order.


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