Cleaning Myths That Make Homes Dirtier

Even though it may seem easy, keeping a home tidy is challenging and time-consuming. If you do not wish your efforts to go down the drain, please stop believing the below-mentioned myths right now. A few cleaning myths have been passed down through generations, while almost all result from DIY tricks popularised by social media.

Bleach Can Clean Everything

According to the best cleaning contractors in the Gold Coast, although bleach can remove tough stains and make whites whiter, it does not work on all surfaces. Bleach never cuts grease, so it can hardly help if you need flawless countertops, stovetops, etc. To get grime and dirt out in kitchens, opt for baking soda. Its gritty texture successfully loosens up the dirt particles.

Map and Broom are the Best Cleaning Tools

Mops and brooms are only used for pushing the dirt around. They cannot be the best option for cleaning tools. On the contrary, when used properly, a high-performance vacuum can eliminate more dirt from the floors compared to the former options. Vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter and collect dirt from the surfaces. Additionally, vacuum cleaners also reduce the time to clean off the area.

Newspapers Provide Glass with a Shine

This cleaning myth has changed down the road. In the past, newspapers were able to provide streak-free shine. But modern-day newspapers are thin and disintegrate within a short period. Wet newsprint does more harm than good. Your hands and glass frames turn messy. You will be better off with a microfiber cloth.

Hairspray Removes Ink Stains

This is another method that used to work, but not anymore. Earlier, hairsprays were full of alcohol and could easily cut through ink patches. However, hairsprays today have less alcohol or no alcohol because it dries the hair. They also tend to stiffen fabrics and leave residues. Attack ballpoint ink stains with rubbing alcohol instead.

Vinegar is an All-Round Cleaner

Just like bleach, vinegar should not be used for cleaning everything. It is an excellent limescale remover and grease cutter, so use it for cleaning hard water marks on windows and bathroom fixtures. But vinegar is off-limits inside the kitchens. It is known to damage wooden and granite countertops.

All Green Cleaning Products are Safe to Use

You’re mistaken if you think cleaners with green labels can clean the floors perfectly. Not all green cleaning products are safe and secure for use in your home, especially if you have small kids. It is important to read the cleaner’s label before using it.

Products available on the ‘green’ corner of the local retail stores are not always secure for domestic learning purposes. With the name of the products used as ingredients in the cleaner, you can get an idea of whether the product is fit for use.

Air Freshener Cleans the Air

The experts offering high-quality Gold Coast domestic cleaning services said air fresheners do not clean the air. They just make your room smell good. They act as a perfume, covering up odours. After the scent fades, the obnoxious odour may return. A more effective and natural way to clean the air is to purchase air-purifying plants such as African violets or gardenias.

Polish Wood Frequently

Although wood may look good after a good polish, it can be damaging. Almost all polishes dull the wooden finishes and attract dirt. A few accumulate over time and darken the wood. Polish every six weeks to enhance protection against heat and UV rays. On other days, wipe the surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning myths tend to perpetuate themselves, specifically with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. They would, unfortunately, never go away. People love the entire idea of believing or debunking myths. I am sure you have your own cleaning tips that you would pass along in exchange for others.

The best way to deal with all these is to seek advice from a professional expert to make the most of your time as well as money. Professional cleaning companies have trained and expert cleaners who know how to clean things with proper precautions. Feel free to share which of the above myths you used to follow previously in the comment section.

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