AVK Exhibit at Intersec 2023: Find Quality Gate Valve for Firefighting Systems

gate valves for fire

Gate valves are popular for its versatility and used for controlling water flow in a wide gamut of applications with various mediums. One of the relevant industries that finds the usefulness of gate valves is the firefighting sector.

At this year’s 24th edition of Intersec 2023, among the five product groups, the Fire and Rescue sector will see some of the biggest names who will be exhibiting their top firefighting products for the event. Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the exhibitors who will be joining the exhibition along with its line-up of partnered suppliers.

The Dutco Tennant team will be exhibiting high-quality gate valve for fire protection systems from AVK. If you are interested in discovering the best firefighting gate valve then you can visit their exhibit where they will showcase the best of firefighting products including the gate valve.

But before you pay a visit and see the valve solution on display, here is a quick rundown about the basics of a gate valve and what you can expect from their exhibit at the Intersec 2023. Keep on reading till the end to find out more.

Basics To Know About Gate Valve

Gate valves consist of the body, discs and seats, glands, spindles and handwheels to operate the same. The gates and seats perform the shut-off operation of fluid flow together. The fabrication of gate valves is done by gate valve manufacturers using cutting-edge and unique technologies.

The bore of gate valves also permits the pig’s passage in pipe cleaning processes, unlike butterfly valves.

The body of firefighting gate valves is connected to piping through the means of screwed or flanged connections.

Valve trims contain stem, gate, disc and seat rings. The principal operation mechanism is quite simple. When an operator turns the handwheel, the stem gets rotated and it translates into the gates’ vertical movement through threads. When gates are lifted from the flow path, these valves open & return to the closed position sealing the bore leading to complete valve closure.

Why are Gate Valves preferred for firefighting systems?

Among different types of control valves, the use of a high-quality firefighting pumping station gate valve Dubai is the preferred choice. Mainly because it tends to offer a number of benefits as their role for control valves. These are:

a) Simple body design

Gate valves have relatively simple body construction and it is the reason why they are very easy to operate as compared to other valves.

b) Offers high energy & efficiency performance

Firefighting gate valves provide high energy & efficiency performance because the fluid movement direction is perpendicular to water flow. It results in much less power consumption while closing & opening gate valves.

c) Less erosion & pressure loss

Gate valves experience less erosion especially in sealing areas as compared to other valves. Less erosion actually results because of tight sealing. This means that they can carry out the controlling function without causing any interruption in the firefighting system.

AVK Firefighting Gate Valve at Intersec 2023

AVK is set to bring its high performance industrial fire fighting gate valve UAE at the Intersec 2023.

AVK’s gate valve for fire protection applications are UL/FM approved and are designed with built-in safety in every detail. The gate valve which will be exhibited for the exhibition is a flanged gate valve with a wrench nut.

Some highlighting features of the Gate Valve are –

  • Fixed, integral wedge nut that comes handy in vibration prevention.
  • Wedge core made of ductile iron that is fully encapsulated in drinking water approved EPDM.
  • Large through bore in the wedge to help in eliminating collection of stagnant water.
  • Stainless steel stem with rolled thread offers high strength.
  • Wedge shoes integrated in the rubber.
  • Round bonnet gasket that comes fixed in a groove in the bonnet that aids in avoiding it from fully being blown out in case of pressure surges.
  • Low operating torque.
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating.

Among all exhibitions in Dubai dedicated to the fire safety sector, Intersec is undoubtedly the highly anticipated and influential platform. Over the three days, visitors can explore innovative and the newest range of pioneering products that will be demonstrated by experts. Dutco Tennant LLC will be exhibiting their wide gamut of exceptional firefighting solutions including gate valves from its supplying partner AVK.

Be sure to register and attend this grand event starting from 17th January 2023 to 19th January 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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