A simple guide to GPS survey equipment

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the most highly precise navigation system used throughout the globe by using signals from satellites for determining the specific location on earth. The capability of GPS to offer real-time and accurate data in a cost-efficient manner has indeed transformed the whole civil infrastructure industry. Most construction firms are using GPS survey equipment in numerous applications. You can reach out to one of the most trusted suppliers of survey equipment in the UAE.


Importance of GPS survey equipment in civil infrastructure:


Land surveying is a very important technique used by civil engineers to determine 3D points, angles and distances. Without the usage of good quality GPS equipment like drones, GNSS tools, total stations etc, surveying is not possible. Use GPS survey equipment to complete survey tasks in a quick and easy way. Do not forget that GPS survey equipment offers the correct survey data as compared to any other system. Contact one of the best Leica survey equipment suppliers in the UAE and Dubai.


Some of the best GPS equipment ideal for civil infrastructure:


  1. GNSS systems


GNSS systems are majorly used for various applications including land surveying, construction surveying, property boundary establishment and numerous other civil engineering works. Some other applications also include – topographic surveys.


 a) Icon GPS 60 Antennas


Leica Icon GPS 60 smart antennas ideal tools to position tasks on your construction sites which agglomerated with Leica iCON field solutions. These antennas feature GNSS technology with superior communication options that enable you to easily carry out positioning work much quicker on sites.


What are the features of our Leica Icon GPS60 Antennas?


  • iCON GPS 60 Smart Antennas can efficiently deliver unparalleled accuracy & performance in rugged conditions.
  • The flexibility of Leica iCon GPS 60 is totally unmatched and that permits various use cases – base station, rover & on-machine.
  • High-speed 4G modems can help in offering good network performance.


Benefits of choosing our supplied Leica Icon GPS60 Antennas:


a) All-round GNSS system –

You can stream corrections through the internet without the need for a radio and perform positioning work very quickly and simply.


b) Flexible operation –

These equipment work as flexible GNSS smart antennas for your machine control applications. Bluetooth and modem offer the most flexible option to you for every region.


If you want the best GNSS surveying equipment like Leica Icon GPS60 Antennas, get in touch with the best distributors in Dubai.


  1. GIS Collectors


GIS collectors help in simplifying the captured data tasks for the field workers. These collectors are very easy to use and offer precise results. The most preferred GIS collector from us is:


a) GG04 Plus Tablet Solution


We supply the best GG04 plus tablet solutions that come with a complete range of rugged Android tablets that are even well-seen in bright sunlight.


Why choose our supplied GG04 Plus Tablet Solution?


> Due to their tough and ergonomic design, users can work for a much longer time with comfort.

> Leica GG04 plus smart antenna along with Leica Zeno Mobile app coming with these tablet solutions makes them the best GIS asset collection for you.

> We guarantee you no other company supplies such versatile solutions which guarantee constant performance in every environment.


  1. Field data controllers


We supply top-quality rugged GPS field controllers that offer everything from centimetres of precision to communications etc. One of the most used field data controllers is:


a) CS20 – Controllers


Get full control on the go with our CS20 controllers. These controllers offer a simple and user-friendly experience by making the measuring work delightful. Read why our controllers are best:


> These GPS field controllers have a robust design and provide high performance giving convenient control with full mobility.

> The feature of the touch screen(5 inches) permits users to easily process the data & 3D view boosts GNSS as well as Nova scanning experiences.

> The DISTO™ allows precise electronic distance measuring.

b) CS35 – Controllers


Leica CS30 tablets are the most versatile controller known for their durability. These all-around field controllers equipped with the best tools. Read why our CS35 are best:


> They have a broad temperature range and are protected against dust and other impacts. These tablets can work in any condition.

> CS35 have a 7-inch multi-touch screen and is sunlight-readable

> These are much more convenient in size using the best imaging sensors.

> CS35 field controllers are ideal companions for Leica Captivate.


A comparison between Leica CS20 and Leica CS35:


As compared to Leica CS20, the Leica CS35 controllers are the best. The reasons are – CS35 is certified for sustainable handling of survey equipment in several countries.


Do you want top-quality GPS survey equipment for your civil infrastructure project? It will be the wisest decision to select the reliable supplier of Leica GPS in UAE and Dubai. We, Dutco Tennant LLC provide a top-class broad variety of GPS survey equipment.

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